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Mid-Level Litigation Associate


Chipman Glasser, LLC is a mission-driven and entrepreneurial law firm comprised of highly-skilled commercial litigators.  We hire selectively with the goal of adding team members who are committed to our mission, values, and culture.


Associate attorney with 6+ years of commercial litigation experience who can skillfully contribute to the team, which contribution includes, without limitation, assuming ownership of the cases we are hired to handle; conducting legal research; drafting court pleadings, briefs, and discovery; engaging in depositions and other fact discovery activities (both written and oral); working with and directing other team members to develop case management plans and oversee discovery, including managing case dockets, case tasks, schedules, and timelines; and communicating with clients, courts and opposing counsel regarding matters of case management, procedure and trial preparation.

In addition to legal acumen, every team member is expected to undertake internal and external leadership responsibilities, including, but not limited to, serving and retaining current clients; teaching and training all members of our team; coaching and supporting all members of our team; participating in and assisting with all matters pertaining to firm growth; establishing key community connections and building professional relationships; and establishing credentials in your practice area.

Additionally, the right candidate will possess the following competencies:

  • Proactive: Acts on projects without being told what to do.  Anticipate needs.
  • Strong Work Ethic & Persistent: Demonstrates intellectual intensity and tenacity and a willingness to go the distance to get something done.
  • Follow-through on commitments: Lives up to commitments.
  • Efficient: Works to produce significant output with minimal wasted effort.
  • Analytical: excels in critically evaluating and assessing issues and identifying strategies and solutions to move forward.
  • Responsive: Responds to client and team needs timely and effectively.

Core Cultural Values of the Firm

  • Psychological Ownership
  • Meaningfully Engaged
  • Team-minded
  • Growth
  • Exceed

Minimum Requirements & Other Information

  • Strong law school performance.
  • 6+ years of legal work experience (federal clerkships preferred).
  • Salary range: This position offers a compensation package competitive with market rates, commensurate with experience.
  • Generous benefits package: health insurance, Bar Fees, group disability insurance, 401K, ID theft protection, parking.

 Application Instructions

  • Submit applications by July 5th.
  • Interested candidates should send their (i) cover letter, (ii) resume, (iii) law school transcript, and (iv) writing sample (preferably, actual, as-filed work-product prepared principally by you) to: openings@chipmanglasser.com

Chipman Glasser, LLC

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