Practice Areas of Chipman Glasser.

Chipman Glasser, LLC, a western-states commercial boutique, is dedicated to one objective: client success.

With lawyers educated at the country’s most prestigious law schools and trained at the world’s most elite law firms, we have developed a better way—the Chipman Glasser way—to serve clients. Leveraging our team’s carefully cultivated structure and vibrant talent, we deliver the right responses to the problems facing any in-house counsel, CEO, or entrepreneur. We have the breadth and depth of experience to work with the largest industry leaders, and against the largest law firms, in the country.

As a boutique firm, we are also streamlined and efficient, offering the highest quality legal work at competitive rates with an unparalleled responsiveness to our clients’ questions. Our strategic solutions not only solve the problems of today, but also position our clients to avoid, or overcome, the problems of tomorrow.

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