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Business Disputes /
Partnership Dissolution

Businesses face disputes both from the outside and from within. Chipman Glasser, LLC is here to help you resolve those disputes as efficiently and quickly as possible. Whether your business is well-established or recently emerging, a complaint or the mere threat of a lawsuit can present challenges that, without expert legal assistance, can become insurmountable. Chipman Glasser, LLC has experience with commercial litigation in state and federal courts and with arbitration in all its forms. At every stage in the dispute-resolution process, we keep a keen eye out for ways to resolve the dispute, whether through mediation, through motion practice, or through business solutions. But when litigation through trial is the best option, our team of trial lawyers is ready to use its significant trial experience to take litigation through judgment.

Unfortunately, some challenges to a business come from the within. The Firm has helped countless closely held business owners resolve disputes with fellow owners, whether because of a lack of written agreements or because of a disagreement as to how agreements should be interpreted. Whether one owner buys out the other or whether the business is dissolved, expert legal guidance is necessary to help protect your business interests and ensure that, where possible, the business is able to continue forward successfully. Don’t try to go it alone—let Chipman Glasser, LLC represent your interests in both pre-trial negotiations and post-litigation clashes.

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